Past Speakers

Our speakers are experts in their field of family cooking. Since the launch of Family Food Summit, we’ve had several family food expects. CLICK on individual speakers for more information.

Aida Mollenkamp is a food visionary. A long-time food fiend, she has been cooking, eating, studying, buying cialis online reading, writing, styling, and basically engaging in all things food related for over a decade. On The Cooking Channel, Aida hosts FoodCrafters and Ask Aida. She is on a mission: to discover and celebrate the absolute masters in independent food production around the USA.

Aida joins us to talk about eating on a budget and pantry cooking.

Catherine McCord is the founder of Weelicious, offering innovative order xanax online ideas and instruction for delicious meals that are “easy, fresh, and fun.”

Catherine gives tips on packing lunch and healthy snacks for kids.

John Donohue is known as StayatStoveDad a blogger who writes about fathers cooking for their families. His first book, Man with a Pan was published in May 2011.

We talked to him about the dads taking the lead in the family kitchen.

Karen Fine is the author of three children’s books on healthy eating habits. Her website, Fine Cooks, is one of the web’s best resources for gluten free cooking.

Karen discusses all things gluten free and cooking for allergies.

Laura Klein is the brainchild of Organic Authority which delivers all the tips and expert advice you need for delicious, organic living.

Laura has valuable insight on the world of organic and why every family should try it.

Laurie David is the author of the much acclaimed The Family Dinner Book. She is an advocate for better eating and serves as a leader in the green ideas movement.

Laurie opens our summit with a discussion about eating together at the family dinner table.

Michael Ruhlman is a bestselling author and genuine food expert. He joins us to talk about dads in the kitchen.

Melissa Lanz is the founder of The Fresh 20, an online meal plan subscription service for healthy families. She believes it is time to stop bombarding families with products and start educating them on healthier eating.

Melissa breaks down meal planning.

Rachael Hutchings is La Fuji Mama. Her award winning blog delivers ideas on global food. Rachael is passionate about introducing kids to different cultures through food and teaches readers how to bring world food to the family dinner table.

She serves up ideas on global cuisine.