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Jessica Fiorillo : Feed Me Dearly

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Family Food Summit: Jessica Fiorillo talking about Picky Eating

Jessica Fiorillo knows the importance of healthy eating. Diagnosed with cancer in 2001 she battled back by learning to cook. She spent those early, formative years in Berkeley, CA, at the farmers’ markets and taking classes at the Tante Marie cooking school. Now based in New York City with her husband and three kids, she continues to make food a central part of her family’s life.

On her award-winning blog Feed Me Dearly, Jessica chronicles her family’s adventures with food. Her focus is on making simple to prepare, yet beautiful food that her whole family will enjoy.

Like many families, she struggles with challenges such as food allergies and picky eating. Her weekly feature, the 52-week challenge, tackles picky eating head on. Each week Jessica and her kids try a new fruit or vegetable, exploring it with all five senses, often with hilarious outcomes.

Jessica’s blog is a recipient of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Blog Award. Her recipes and writing have been featured on The Daily Meal, PopSugar Moms, and The Fresh 20, and she is a regular contributor to Big City Moms.


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