Karen Fine

Co-founder of the Gluten Free Foundation

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Karen Fine’s oldest son was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004 and they have been living gluten free ever since. She is the co-founder of the nonprofit, Gluten Free Foundation, and author of children’s picture books about healthy eating.

Inspired by her son’s unwavering positive approach to their diet, she emphasizes the beneficial aspects of living gluten free and challenges everyone to know what it’s like to feel healthy and great every day.

She believes that lifelong habits begin at an early age and that children are never too young to start learning about nutrition and understanding how different foods make them feel. As an advocate for children’s health, Ms. Fine conducts speaking engagements and cooking demonstrations, and visits schools to read her books and discuss the importance of healthy living.

She emphasizes to children to learn to make good choices on their own and how eating well can make you feel well.

She says, “If my children can name every Star Wars character at the age of 4, then they can learn about what’s healthy for their body and what’s not.”

Her website, Fine Cooks…Everything Gluten Free, incorporates her “Mom Cooks Gluten Free” blog that emphasizes delicious, quick and easy comfort foods, as well as simple “how to” tips for cooking and living gluten free. She includes product reviews, recipes, stories and tips on cooking with children.

Family cooking, free-spirit and fun all gathered in one place to help make gluten free living a healthy and happy way of life.


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