Tracy Benjamin

Tracy Benjamin aka Shutterbean!

Family Food Summit: Tracy Benjamin talking about Picky Eating

Tracy Benjamin // photo credit- Leslie Sophia Lindell Photography


I’m a working mom/wife/photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Shutterbean is a space where I can be creative and celebrate my love for photography & domestic arts. Ha! I just said domestic arts. Each week, you’ll find a couple of new recipes, snippets of my everyday life, occasional organizing tips, and a few decorating posts (when I’m feeling annoyed with my house!). With each recipe I execute, I break down the steps so you know what you’re in for! My goal is for you to take pride in your work, keep at it, and learn from your mistakes! Life is better with good food. Don’t you agree?

I also have a weekly column called High Straightenence on Homefries where I organize some aspect of my life and share the BEFORE & AFTER.

Oh! I co-host a hilarious podcast with my friend Joy. I think you’ll like it. It’s called the Joy the Baker Podcast.

No biggie.